our story

Our company is the first and only fruit bar producer of Turkey.

Our products are additive-free 100% real fruit, carefully selected from orchards where they grow. mixmey products do not contain sugar, glucose, colorants, sweeteners or any preservatives. They are excellent snacks for those who lead a healthy lifestyle.

fruit + fruit = mixmey

If you are looking for a healthy and a delicious daily snack we are very excited to introduce you mixmey. mixmey is literally made with two fruits! It contains no additives. In short, it may be called just fruit and fruit.

What you see is what you get!

For most of us; an excellent breakfast, a healthy snack in the office. It does not contain sugar, glucose, colorants, sweeteners or preservatives.100% natural fruit; wherever life takes you to, make sure to have mixmey with you. 100% real fruit that does not need to be peeled, sliced or washed.