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Are there really no additives in your 100% fruit products?


None of our products contain sugar, glucose, colorants, sweeteners or preservatives. They are simply 100% real fruit.

When do you pick the fruit and take them to your factory?


The fruits are picked only in season from the orchards they grow. Within 24 hours they are picked, fruits are brought to our factory with our vehicles. In the factory they pass through pretreatment processes such as washing and picking. Bruised or rotten fruits are thrown away during the picking process.

How do you ensure the shelf-life of your products?


In nature; like every natural product, there are microorganisms which cause fruits to rot as well. However with the heating and cooling process, a traditional preservation method used in our homes for centuries, it is possible to maintain the freshness and the nutritional value of our products. By this way, they can be consumed without any preservatives or additives throughout their shelf-life.

Are mixmey fruits bars unique in Turkey? What is their difference?


With mixmey brand name, being the first and only additive-free 100% fruit bars of its category produced in Turkey, our products contain no additives such as sugar, glucose or sweeteners.

What are fat, protein and fiber contents of mixmey products?


Fat, protein and fiber contents of mixmey products are"0". They are simply 100% natural fruit and just healthy and delicious daily snacks.