Do all of the products contain apple?

All of our products are based on apple.

In which sales points are you available?

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What is the most important feature that distinguishes your brand and products from other products on the market?

Mixmey is a brand that has no competitor in terms of product structure, production process and content.

In the sector, fruit bar and bar with fruit are confused with each other, and Mixmey is the only real fruit bar brand

Where is your production site located?

Our production site is located in Ereğli, Konya.


What are your certificates in compliance with international food policy?

In order to produce products for you  in International Quality Standards; We have BRGCS, ISO 22000:2018, ISO 9001:2015, SA 8000 Social Responsibility Certificate, Vegan, Vegetarian and School Food Certificates.

In addition, production at Mixmey is performed in accordance with Halal and Kosher standards.

Which of your products are made from 100% fruit?

In our Classic Series; Fruit Bar with Apple and Blackberry, Fruit Bar with Apple and Strawberry, Fruit Bar with Apple and Cherry , Fruit Bar with Apple and Plum, Fruit Bar with Apple and Peach and Fruit Bar with Apple and Date, are all produced from 100% fruit.


Do your products contain "Added sugar"?

Added sugar or sweeteners are not used in any of Mixmey flavors. The sugar contained in the product naturally comes from fruits.


What does Mixmey not contain?

My child is allergic to cow's milk and eggs, are these contained in our products?

None of our products contain milk and dairy products. You can find allergen warnings about our products on our packaging.


How many grams are your products?

Our flavors in our Pollen, Propolis and Nuts Series are 25 g, our flavor in our Classic Series is 20 g, our Fruit Bombs are 77 g, and our Fruit Balls are 90 g.

What is the shelf life of your products? Do you specify the " Expiration Date" on the packaging?

The shelf life of our Classic, Pollen, Propolis and Nuts Fruit Bars, Fruit Bombs, and Fruit Balls are 1 year.

How do you ensure such a long shelf life without using preservatives in your products?

One of the factors that accelerate deterioration is the amount of moisture. In our production line, packaging is performed after the products reach the desired moisture value.

The amount of moisture in our products is reduced, making it easier to store and a result of the shelf life tests carried out in the Accredited laboratories, the shelf life of our fruit bars and Flavor Bombs in our Classic, Pollen, Propolis, Nuts series has been tested and reported as 1 year.

What is the calorific value of your products?

Although the calorific values of the package are written on each package, these values vary from product to product.


How should we store the Mixmey?

It is sufficient to store our Mixmey products in a cool and moisture-free place.


Does your products contain gluten?

Although there is no source of cross-contamination in our manufacturing plant, the raw materials and packaging materials entering the enterprise are regularly checked. The fact that our products do not contain gluten is recorded by carrying out analyzes.

Do you have animal products in your products?

Our Classic, Nuts Series and are Vegan and Vegetarians with Pollen and Propolis. Our Pollen and Propolis products contain bee product.


What is pectin? Does your products contain pectin? Why do you use pectin in your products?

The pectin contained in the product is a fiber that is naturally present in fruits. Citrus peel and apple peel are full of pectin. As the fruits ripen, pectin decreases in the fruit. Pectin, which is also used as a thickener, is used to achieve consistency in fruit bars depending on seasonal conditions and the ripeness of the apple.


Do your products contain fiber?

Some of our products are sources of fiber, while others contain high fiber. It is indicated on our packaging.


Do your products contain minerals?

Among our dried nuts flavors, our Apple, Strawberry and Hazelnut Fruit Bar is a source of calcium and iron and contains high potassium. Our Apple, Strawberry and Peanut Fruit Bar contains high calcium, iron and potassium. Our Apple, Strawberry, Pistachio and Hazelnut Fruit Bar is a source of calcium and iron and contains high potassium.


When and where to eat?

You can eat any time, anywhere!!! ☺


Why do kids love the Mixmey?

Because children are gourmet ☺☺☺


Can I get different tastes with the Mixmey?

You can consume the Mixmey alone, with yogurt or by cutting and adding it into oat bowls.


How can we consume Mixmey?

You can open the package and consume it directly